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Transform your input text control into JavaScript Calendar Date Picker control!
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29 September 2011

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If you are a web developer, your first and foremost aim must be to make everything simple for the visitor of your site, including the interface, navigation, uploading and downloading (if any) of contents, form selections etc. Undoubtedly, these few things will decide the boom or bust of the site to a large extent and thus, as a developer, you must pay full attention to these elements in your website. For instance, if you have some form where the user has to enter his birth date, wouldn’t it be far easier for user to select his Date of Birth in a calendar rather than typing it out. It would be and many such other things would help you gain reputation and traffic. Javascript Calendar Date Picker v.1.1 is a Javascript component which directly integrates into your website and integrates an intuitive calendar into your website for selecting a date.

Once you integrate this control into your website, the user would be able to enter all the date and time in a form or widget from a calendar pop up, which eliminates the need for entering this with keyboard and enter all the date and time separators manually. This is a Javascript component and is compatible across all the popularly known browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc. By having this ready-made control, you largely save the unnecessary time allocation to the development of such a control. Just type a few lines of code into your website and have this component in your website which would work like magic. The user can enter this date and time in a number of formats like mm/dd/yyyy, dd-mm-yyyy and yyyy-mm-dd whichever he/she thinks suitable to comfort and convenience.

Overall, Javascript Calendar Date Picker v.1.1 is a nice control that imparts an intuitive and attractively designed calendar pop-up into your website for selecting a date and time. Hence, it receives a score of three and a half points on the scale of five.

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Transform your input text control into a date-picker control. JavaScript Calendar Date Picker control makes it easy to fill out the date/time fields for the website users by selecting the date and time from a popup calendar. Save development time and optimize user experience without the use of pop-up windows with this intuitive, easy to use cross-browser client-side date input control. Download our free trial Calendar Date Picker and add a fully featured calendar date picker into your web application within minutes, or less. Calendar Date Picker is a ready to use product. All you'll need is just to add the date picker into your web application and it will work. No configuration is needed. It also gives you all the ability you need for developing the most complex modules. Unique Features: * Multiple form fields can use the calendar to pick up the dates; * The calendar can be attached to any existing form field; * Popup over other page elements and pass value back to a TextBox when clicked. * Small script size, fast loading; * All javascript enabled browsers supported; * Support for any doctypes; * Friendly to other scripts and css styles; * The look is customizable through external CSS; * Previous and Next month buttons. * Optional year scrolling buttons. * Can show days from adjacent months; * The default "first day of week" can be configured in the language file. * Multiple popular date formats are supported (mm/dd/yyyy, dd-mm-yyyy, yyyy-mm-dd). Find more info about date formats here. * Configurable months and weekdays titles (localization ready). * Language is set automatically according to your browser's settings. Customization includes the ability to choose a language. * Fast and very easy to setup - no programming skills required
Javascript Calendar Date Picker
Javascript Calendar Date Picker
Version 1.1
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